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Cotter Genealogy Cotter Genealogy
Our people are the Viking people of Scandinavia. Our ancestors navigated the seas, built the Irish city of Cork and reached far corners of the globe. We are the people of Ottar - whose name goes back to Sweden's first king in the 6th century. We are best known as the Cotter people of Ireland, but did you know that our name is connected not only to the famous Norse Sagas, but also, the Celtic Arthurian legends?

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Uruk, Iroquois, Uruguay - A Philological Hypothesis Uruk, Iroquois, Uruguay - A Philological Hypothesis
Follow a trail of words and peoples in this article presenting a theory of relations spanning two continents. Explore interesting similarities in the languages of far-flung peoples and increase your sense of respect for the ancient history of the lands that came to be called North and South America.

Words tell fascinating stories in all countries of the world. This article is dedicated to the earliest and wisest inhabitants of the American continents, and is presented with respect as theory only. Read The Ellis Theory of Amerind Relations.


Searching For Guadalupe Ontiveros Searching For Guadalupe Ontiveros
Though I know so little about my Indian great-great grandmother, Guadalupe Ontiveros, I feel very close to her. Unlike the Native Peoples who are able to research their family history by means of legal papers like the Dawes Act, there are so many Americans who are detached from the stories of their Native ancestors, but this valuable heritage lives on in us all the same. I have here recorded the oral traditions that I know concerning this ancestor - the whispers of family history I have uncovered while searching for Guadalupe.